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Matcha Ice Cream

Matcha Ice Cream


  1. Matcha powder 100% from Japan
  2. Not contain Egg Yolk and Condensed milk
  3. Finest ingredients, rich in matcha taste
  4. Perfect for dessert, refreshing and loads of energy

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Matcha always connect  to Japanese culture, simply Elegant.
  1. We made Matcha Ice Cream by using matcha powder (“Uji” Macha) 100% from Japan, a leading supplier with more than 80 years experience in Japan.
  2. “Uji” Matcha is the tea which raw materials are origined from Kyoto, Japan; using the original Uji processing method.
  3. Distinctive creamy taste,  quality skimmed milk powder, no condensed milk
  4. Try our authentic matcha ice cream,  not contain Egg Yolk.