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Avocado Banana Ice Cream

Avocado Banana Ice Cream


  1. Not contain Egg Yolk and Condensed milk
  2. Finest ingredients, rich in avocado with banana taste, a perfect mix
  3. There is no cream, Perfect for dessert, refreshing and loads of energy
  4. No artificial color, flavor and preservative
  5. Banana are high in protein
  6. Ice cream consists of tiny black specs which are fine banana seeds, we use real banana fruit, no flavour and colour
Avocado (28%) mixed with Banana (10%), a summer bliss. Delicious, creamy and a healthy dessert mix.
  1. We made Avocado Banana Ice Cream by using finest ingredients and high quality of avocado and Banana.
  2. Distinctive creamy taste,  quality skimmed milk powder, no condensed milk,
  3. Try our authentic Avocado Banana ice cream,  not contain Egg Yolk, and not use concentrated fruit juice or fruits puree.