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Mango Mochi(3 Boxes)

Mango Mochi(3 Boxes)


  1. Made from real mango flesh
  2. No artificial colouring, flavouring, and preservative
  3. We do not use Concentrated Juice or Fruits puree

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  1. We maintain our mochi with the fragrance and sweetness of the mango.
  2. The fully cooked mango paste is made from fresh mango without additional flavouring.
  3. We enhance the taste of mango by adding vitamin C.
  4. The yellow colour of mango mochi skin is due to beta carotene, a natural compound which is commonly found in carrots. It also has high antioxidant function to the human body and help maintain the health of our eyes.
  5. The Mango filling taste like mango ice cream, Mango Mochi Ice Cream.