Snowskin Mooncake


Discover and experience the favours of the Mid Autumn festivall with Mizicor’s Red Treasure Box this year! 🏮🥮 Each mooncake flavor is curated to your own liking, ensuring a pleasant experience in every bite 😜🤩

Presenting our Package A Snowskin Mooncake series – Premium Musang King 一值榴恋:
Each snowskin mooncake is filled up with golden, yellow fresh Musang King Durian, and the smell of it definitely would not escape your senses. Premium Musang King Snowskin Mooncake is definitely the best seller of this season where durian will always be the King of all tropical fruits!

Premium Snowskin Mooncake ( x6 pcs x 90g)
经典猫山王榴莲月饼 (6粒x 90克)

Presenting our Package B snowskin Mooncake series – Over the Moon 六嫦乡思:
Displaying an array of 6 Asian-inspired snowskin mooncake creation, where each flavor velvety snowskin mooncake consist of a soft mochi-like texture and a creamy ice cream feeling mouthfeel to balance the sweetness fruit profile.

  1. Premium Musang King Mooncake 猫山王冰皮月饼
  2. Cempedak Mooncake 菠萝蜜冰皮月饼
  3. Mango Passion Mooncake 百香芒果冰皮月饼
  4. Berry Strawberry Mooncake 草莓冰皮月饼
  5. Belgium Chocolate Mooncake 比利时巧克力冰皮月饼
  6. Coconut Mooncake 椰子冰皮月饼Mizicor Red Treasure box package is included with x6 snowskin mooncakes (90g/pcs), red treasure box packaging , golden cutleries, gifting card, storage instructions, red cooler bag!
    每次购买都附有一个红色宝盒、中秋礼品卡, 冷藏袋和一套金色餐