Calamansi Puree Sachet 40g (10 sachets)


Calamansi is an inter-genetic hybrid between genes of a citrus and Kumquat. Calamansi trees is widely cultivated in different parts of the world such as Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sourthern China.Calamansi fruit is look like a small round lime sizing up to 25-35 mm in diameter. The pulp of the fruit is orange in color and has very thin orange peel when it ripens. Each fruit bears 8 – 12 seeds each.

Calamansi contains high antioxidant content, including Phloretin-G and Vitexin that have inhibitory effect against bacterial biofilm formation. It also have high contents of Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium and Zinc. Calamansi can consider as super fruit and it is very good for digestive health and helps in strengthening body immune system.

Calamansi has the perfect blend between sweet and sour, filled with rich natural citrus aroma which also provides a lot of benefits to our body.

The calamansi puree is prepared carefully in order to enhance the citrus skin aroma. We also maintain the green extract from the skin which provides the natural colour of the puree.